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Improve your website

Top 11 Ways to Improve a Website

I should preface this list with a note that these are simply recommendations based on my experience across hundredths of websites I have worked on. Results are going to vary from site to site. The best thing you can do is test each change, track the results and then make a decision if it should be a permanent one or not.

Without further ado, here are my Top 11 Ways to Improve a Website:

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Migrate your website

Website Migration Checklist

When you want to move your website to another platform / content management system, it is crucial that you go through the necessary checks and balances to ensure that your website does not lose any previously established value.

The following checklist was initially put together for my own purposes, but I figured that this information was useful to many other people as well – especially any website owner that plans to move their current website somewhere else.

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Become a Web Developer in 7 Simple Steps

So, you want to be a web developer. The one problem? … You have no experience working in the tech industry (usually no at all). You’ve taken courses and spent hours on personal coding projects, but the Experience section of your resume is still glaringly irrelevant. Transitioning into a new field is never simple. You wonder if you’re ready. You wonder if anyone will take you seriously. You wonder if you can get work.

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Websites: Why Do I Need a Website? Here are 21 Reasons!


When I started my first business in 2008, the first thing I thought was “I need to get a website”. Why did I think that? Why do I need a website?

I decided to get with the program and copy smart people tactics such a famous Steve Jobs to answer the fundamental questions about why I, a small business owner, actually need a website.

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