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Learn how to start working as a web developer or programmer. Showing how to be a web developer on real examples. From people who started programming and are willing to share it with you. Because it is fun! :)

Become a Web Developer in 7 Simple Steps

So, you want to be a web developer. The one problem? … You have no experience working in the tech industry (usually no at all). You’ve taken courses and spent hours on personal coding projects, but the Experience section of your resume is still glaringly irrelevant. Transitioning into a new field is never simple. You wonder if you’re ready. You wonder if anyone will take you seriously. You wonder if you can get work.

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Is it worth to start working as a web developer?

Wondering if it’s worth getting into web development? Check out these numbers:

  • 121,000 people working as web developers right now in the U.S. alone
  • 20% growth predicted for the industry through 2020*
    *Bureau of Labor Statistics
  • 25,785 web developer job vacancies on Indeed
  • Average salary for a web developer of $87,000

Pretty impressive numbers! But are you thinking… “It’ll be YEARS before I, a tech newbie, can start to dream about a job like that!” Well, think again! You can learn the fundamentals of web development faster than you think. And once you do, you can start looking for junior web developer jobs.

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